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  • News: 20 August 2020

    …NHS is for life, not just for pandemics.” You can contact Maddy and all our governors by emailing contactyour*]}* See all our governor profiles Become a member of our trust

  • News: 18 September 2020

    …family says cooking is my way of showing love.” You can contact Gordon and all Oxford Health governors at contactyour*]}* See all governor profiles Sign up to become a member

  • News: 11 September 2019

    …day and enter our £50 voucher prize draw. You can contact Mike and all other governors by emailing contactyour*]}* Or read more about Mike’s interests in his governor profile.  

  • News: 14 June 2021

    …of meetings, an induction to the role and getting to know his fellow governors. “It’s been exciting and interesting, and I’ve enjoyed meeting the other governors. It is nice to…

  • News: 25 February 2020

    …worth it? “That’s a quite question!” he laughs. “More seriously, though, being a governor has made some difference to how the trust does things,” he says. “Realistically, no single governor

  • News: 26 October 2020

    …have pulled together during Covid – that’s the kind of stuff that floats my boat.” You can contact Angela and all the trust governors by emailing contactyour*]}* See all governor

  • News: 24 June 2020

    …some 1,500 laundry bags for staff. “I can’t even remember all the things,” she laughs. Contact your governor You can contact Angela and all Oxford Health governors by at contactyour*]}*

  • News: 17 September 2021

    …work she says: “Really I just introduce them to how science meets law – which is not an easy meeting because law is looking for certainty and science deals with…

  • News: 6 November 2019

    …and all your governors by emailing contactyour*]}* Oxford Health has governor election coming up again in the spring 2020. Become a member now to be able to vote or stand

  • News: 4 August 2021

    …‘naturally’,” she says. “I haven’t got to know the other governors yet, either. Even in meetings online there are three screens of governors, so you don’t even see everyone’s faces!”…

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