Elections 2015

Council of Governors 2015

The 2015 election has now ended with the following new Governors elected to our Council:

Representing Patient: Carers (1 to elect)

  • Alan Jones

Representing Public: Buckinghamshire (2 to elect)

  • Max Hailey
  • Andrew Harman

Representing Service Users: Buckinghamshire and other counties (1 to elect)

  • Martin Dominguez

Representing Service Users: Oxfordshire (1 to elect)

  • Gillian Margaret Evans

Representing Staff: Older Peoples’ Services (3 to elect)

  • Soo Yeo
  • Judy Young
  • Louise Elizabeth Willden

The final reports issued by the Returning Officer on both the contested and uncontested elections may be accessed here:



Congratulations to the newly elected governors and thanks to all our members who stood for election and voted.

The Council of Governors is an integral part of our NHS Foundation Trust. Governors hold the board of directors to account for the trust’s performance and have a number of important duties including: appointing / removing the trust chair and non-executive directors; appointing / removing the trust auditor; approving the appointment of the CEO; receiving the trust’s annual report and accounts; and having a say on the trust’s forward plans.


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