Community Services strategy


Community services provided by Oxford Health cover a wide range of health services including for example, our community hospitals, district nurses and health visitors.

We currently carry out over 600,000 appointments each year from over 75 places across the county. Our community services play a key role in keeping people well, treating urgent health problems, responding to acute illness and managing long-term conditions.

Oxford Health is currently looking to develop a strategy to help shape the future of community services for the whole of Oxfordshire. This strategy will be a plan of what our patients can expect from us over the next three years. The plan will set out the changes we want to make over the next 3 years to achieve our vision of:

improving the health, wellbeing, independence and care experiences of individual residents, while strengthening the interdependence of people, families and communities across all of Oxfordshire.

Get involved

It is important that in developing this plan we understand the views of people who use and provide our services. To do this we will be asking our staff, volunteers, patients and partners to help us develop the strategy by asking for their experiences and feedback on the plan.

Non-urgent advice: Strategy development

Development of the strategy will made up three main parts:

  1. Working through what we need to cover in the strategy and the principles which will help us to decide how services are delivered (estimated Apr 21 – Sept 21)
  2. Development of options for how we deliver services differently (estimated Sept 21 – May 22)
  3. Formal consultation on any “substantial changes” proposed, in other words where we are suggesting a significant change to the service we offer (estimated Jun 22 – Aug 22)

We are currently in the first part of this work. We have set up a number of different ways to get involved to make sure we are capturing a range of perspectives, see below more details of how you can get involved:

Families, friends, carers and patients with experience of community services

During July, we will be running focus group sessions to work with you to explore the approach you think we should take to developing our services.

At these sessions a group of patients, patient families and carers will be invited to come and discuss the future plans.

Everyone participating will have the opportunity to feedback on the proposals based on their experiences.

If you would like to get involved in these forums please email us at: with the subject ‘Families, friends, carers & patients engagement’

Local community groups and wider residents of Oxfordshire

Over the next few months, we will be running sessions to work through what we need to cover in the strategy and the principles which will help us to decide how services are delivered.

If you would like to get involved in these sessions or receive updates on the progress of the strategy please email us on with the subject ‘Local community and resident engagement’

Visit the following Oxfordshire CCG page which contains further information about the principles engagement process they are currently running.

Oxford Health Staff

There are a number of ways which staff can get involved with developing the strategy. More information can be found on the Oxford Health intranet by searching Community services strategy.

Non-urgent advice: View strategy working documents

Throughout the development of the strategy we will be making draft documents available so you can see what we’re working on and let us know your feedback.

Below are links to the draft documents which are currently available.

These are draft working documents

Please note that these are working documents in the process of development and so will continue to be reviewed and updated ahead of final publication and should not be considered to reflect the final approach which will be taken forward:

Oxford Health NHS FT draft community services strategic framework

Document setting out the background and challenges which the strategy will need to address (Please note we are in the process of developing both a summary version and an easy-read of this document which will be made available soon)

Oxford Health NHS FT data compendium

Draft summary of current data relating to community services from an Oxford Health perspective which will help us to identify key priority areas which need to be addressed in the strategy


If you would like to give us feedback or suggestions relating to the draft documents on this page you can email the team:

Page last reviewed: 6 October, 2021