SilverCloud is an online therapy programme proven to help with stress, anxiety, low-mood and depression.


SilverCloud is a completely confidential internet-based system or platform developed by SilverCloud Health that delivers online therapeutic and psycho-education programs. A variety of programs aim to offer information and support for people experiencing problems related to mental health

SilverCloud is aimed at people who have referred into our talking therapy services, TalkingSpace Plus in Oxfordshire or Healthy Minds in Buckinghamshire.

SilverCloud is a prescribed app designed to be used alongside face to face support provided by our talking therapy services.

SilverCloud was designed and developed by researchers at Trinity College Dublin in conjunction with Parents Plus and the National Digital Research Centre.


Using the app

This privacy notice is for people who use the SilverCloud platform and programmes as a client or supporter.

SilverCloud Health provides its platform to many healthcare services and other organisations. In this notice we will tell you how we process your personal data on behalf of your service (that is, the healthcare team that has given you access to SilverCloud). Your service is the ‘data controller’, which means they decide how and why your data is processed, and SilverCloud is the ‘data processor’, which means we follow their instructions. Your service may also have a privacy notice that is relevant to you.

SilverCloud also uses some of your data to understand how the SilverCloud platform is used and could be improved. When we collect or use your data on our own behalf, SilverCloud is the ‘data controller’.

There is a separate privacy notice for people who use the SilverCloud company website and for people who we communicate with for marketing purposes.

Contact details for SilverCloud are listed at the bottom of this notice.

Similar apps

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