What is Sleepio?

Sleepio engages with sleep and provides entertaining, scientifically-proven help for sleep and mental health.

Sleepio is a fully automated yet highly personalised digital sleep improvement program instantly accessible via app and web. Based on cognitive and behavioral techniques for sleep and designed by Professor Colin Espie (Oxford University), Sleepio delivers practical strategies that are backed by decades of evidence.

Publisher: Big Health

Available as a web app.

Who is it for?

Sleepio is aimed at people who have referred into our talking therapy services, TalkingSpace Plus in Oxfordshire or Healthy Minds in Buckinghamshire.

How should it be used?

Sleepio is a prescribed app designed to be used alongside face to face support provided by our talking therapy services.

Developed by experts

Designed by Professor Colin Espie and Dr. Bryony Sheaves, Sleep & Circadian Neurosciences Institute, University of Oxford.

Using the web app

Sleepio is a prescribed app. It should only be used alongside a face to face intervention provided by a mental health worker.

Contact your local talking therapy service, TalkingSpace PlusĀ in Oxfordshire and Healthy Minds in Buckinghamshire, to find out about accessing Sleepio.

Page last reviewed: 17 September, 2021