Bucks Autism Reasonable Adjustments (BARA)

Who we are

We are a small team, made up of a Mental Health Liaison Nurse and Occupational Therapist.

We are set within BAADIS.


What we do

We do joint working with professionals across Oxford Health (Buckinghamshire) who support adults with autism or suspected autism.

We offer advice and education to other professionals on what reasonable adjustments are, and how they can adapt the care they provide.

Why we were set up

The Autism Act (2009), The Equality Act (2010) and NHS Long Term Plan (2019) say that services must make ‘reasonable adjustments’ for autistic people to allow more positive experiences.

The Mental Health Act Code of Practice also states the importance of making reasonable adjustments, avoiding excess levels of stimulation and removing ‘blanket rules’ for autistic patients.

Reasonable adjustments mean making changes to services so that they are easier for autistic people to use.

This means that services MUST support and meet the needs of people who have additional needs.

BARA was set up to support clinicians in Buckinghamshire to achieve these standards.

Page last reviewed: 19 March, 2024