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Blue Ice has undergone an initial evaluation and our findings show that BlueIce is safe, highly acceptable and reduces self-harm.


Young person acceptability

After trialling BlueIce for 2 weeks 93% of young people wanted to use it and after 12 weeks 89% wanted to keep it.


Improved psychological wellbeing

At the end the 12 week trial there were significant reductions in symptoms of depression and anxiety.


Stopped or reduced self-harm

At the end of the 12 week trial, 73% of young people who had been self-harming had either stopped or were harming less.


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Stallard P, Porter J & Grist R (2017). A preliminary evaluation of a smartphone  app (BlueIce) for young people (aged 12-17) who self-harm.

Stallard P, Porter J & Grist R (2017). An evaluation of an innovative telephone app (BlueIce) for young people (aged 11-17) who self-harm.

Last updated: 5 September, 2017