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In the meantime here are some recent compliments from our patients:

June 2019
“The team have all been amazing. Perinatal Clinician and Nursery Nurse have helped me more than they could ever know. Perinatal Clinician’s anxiety control measures have been so important and helpful. Things have been tough, but I have been challenged very appropriately. I started off not wanting my baby (which I am so ashamed of) but Perinatal Nursery Nurse has worked very intensively with me to form a relationship with him. I did not think it was possible. But I can genuinely say now I love my son and he is everything to me. The strategies she used have been remarkable and I will continue to use them always with life issues. The team intervention has changed my life and changed mine and my son’s future in a very good way. I can’t say enough about the value of your service and I thank you so much.


“Sleep training was awesome and got my daughter sleeping so much better quickly. We couldn’t believe it. We are really happy (and are now getting sleep).”


“Perinatal Nursery Nurse has helped me and continues to help me with the bonding process for my baby and toddler, also she’s helping with my toddlers challenging behaviours.”


“Very kind people and very helpful.”


“Had bad experience of feeding with daughter meant wife had depression bad. Think the same happen again. Wife pain a lot. Perinatal Nursery Nurse came this time. Showed us feeding and saw infection straight away. Sent us to doctor with letter. Doctor give medicine and wife better quick. Baby now feed good. We so happy with the Perinatal Nursery Nurse. If she not here wife still be pain.”


“Thank you for kind and supportive care. It has allowed me to develop healthy coping mechanisms and grow with my baby. It’s allowed me to turn the corner and develop a healthy relationship with my baby. I would be lost without the support of the service and am very grateful for everything.”


May 2019

“So disappointed I did not know about the perinatal team earlier. My babies were already 11 months when they became involved. I have had lots of support to get out of the house and I couldn’t have done it on my own. The parenting tips have been great, and I love how Perinatal Nursery Nurse can use different ways to view a problem and help me to find a solution. I am gutted that I am now transferring to another team and thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

 “I was very much supported by the team. Everyone was lovely. The information and advice we got antenatally from Perinatal Nursery Nurse about feeding our baby was invaluable. I did not even know about hand expressing colostrum until I met her. She was calm and patient and talked us through everything several times. It took away the anxiety that my baby would not get what He needed if I couldn’t cope with feeding. The Breastfeeding support and parenting advise after his birth was also amazing. What a great team. I am so lucky to have been supported by you all. Thank you.”


“Was really impressed with the care I received especially from Sha.”

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Page last reviewed: 27 August, 2019