Worrying times

The current Coronavirus pandemic is causing lots of us to worry about the impact on lives.

It is quite normal to worry about these things in the current climate.

Anxiety is a natural response to perceived danger and can manifest in physical symptoms such as muscle tension, reduced energy levels, and interrupted sleep.

Things to remember

When you find you are worrying more, remember:

  • Current restrictions to daily life are temporary
  • The majority of people who get the virus will only have mild symptoms
  • Most will make a full recovery and not require hospitalisation

Reducing anxiety

In order to reduce levels of anxiety try the following:

  • Think of a positive image of something that makes you feel good.
  • Reduce the amount of Coronavirus focused news and updates you are looking at, as this can increase worry if accessed too frequently.
  • Finally, it is normal to scan your body for signs of illness, but this can also cause heightened anxiety. Do something different as a means of distraction.

Good advice

Whilst in a difficult situation:

  • Remember to take each day at a time
  • Connect with loved ones
  • Think about building links with your community
  • Try to maintain a routine which will help you through the coming months

Stay well

Whatever you are doing, remember to take the recommended health advice to stay well physically.

Go to trusted websites for advice such as GOV.UK and NHS.UK on how to reduce transmission and protect the vulnerable.

For more ideas, visit Mental Health Matters’ guide to Mental wellbeing while staying at home.

Page last reviewed: 13 April, 2023