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Do you have a Long Term Health Condition (LTC) that you are finding difficult to manage?

Many people with physical health difficulties can have times when they feel down or worried about it. Feeling down or worried can, in turn, make it harder to manage your physical health the way you want to.

At NHS Buckinghamshire Talking Therapies the programme we use to work with Long Term Conditions is called Live Well. We can help with managing the emotional impact of living with a Long Term Condition such as:


We know that, at times, living with Type 2 Diabetes can be a challenge. The Diabetes Wellbeing Course is for anyone living with Type 2 Diabetes. This course is designed for anyone who would like help with managing their diabetes, including the emotional impact. The course is made up of six weekly sessions. We can also offer help for living with Type 1 Diabetes, please ask us for further information.

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We work with individuals who have respiratory conditions such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), fibrosis, chronic asthma and chronic bronchitis. We have links with the Bucks Integrated Respiratory Service (BIRS) and contribute to one of the courses they offer. The symptoms associated with respiratory conditions can affect the things that you used to do. You might start to avoid things you enjoy doing due to worrying it will make you feel worse. This can lead to us feeling low in mood, or becoming stressed and anxious. Live Well offers support for these feelings as well as helping you to manage your health condition.


Having a heart condition can understandably create a lot of worry and uncertainty. It can be a source of stress and affect our wellbeing, our work and our home life. We offer services to people with heart problems who would like to improve their wellbeing by learning ways to manage stress, worry or low mood.

We have specially trained staff to provide talking therapies for people living with heart disease. We provide individualised tailored treatments for people with heart disease. We also provide a tailored short course for people with a heart condition to learn more about how to manage their mood.

Long Covid

We work with individuals who have had COVID – 19 and those who have gone on to develop Long COVID. We know that people with Long COVID experience symptoms like breathlessness and fatigue. These can lead to changes in our lifestyle and behaviours which can lead us to feel down or stressed. We offer support for these feelings.

For more information and support with your recovery after COVID-19 visit:

Your COVID Recovery


Buckinghamshire Talking Therapies now offer specialist support for people living with and beyond a cancer diagnosis.

We understand that cancer can impact people in a number of ways, with many experiencing stress, worry, or feeling low in mood, as well as struggling to adjust to life after treatment.

We have joined up with Buckinghamshire Healthcare Trust Cancer services to offer a personalised approach to therapy, information and signposting to appropriate services and support appropriate to those who have been struggling at any point after their cancer diagnosis.

We can connect you with complementary services and offer free, confidential talking therapy at Buckinghamshire Talking Therapies.

For more information, please download these leaflets.


Long Term Conditions Self Management Course

We offer a Long Term Conditions (LTC) Self Management Course for anyone living with a long term physical health condition. The course aims to help people to manage their condition better and improve their physical and emotional wellbeing. This course consists of eight weekly sessions.

Learn more about this course

The course will be facilitated by two clinicians and will include approximately 10 people, all of whom are living with a health condition and are looking for extra support with some of the emotional challenges linked to their condition.

You will learn ways of coping with the impact of your health condition and to focus on the present and what is important to you now and going forward. By doing this, the hope is to improve your quality of life, despite having a long term condition. Each session devotes time to learning new information and skills as well as providing time for group discussion about issues that arise while reviewing the programme manual.

An alternative to the LTC Self-Management Course is Silvercloud, an online therapy programme. The aims are similar to that of the LTC Self-Management Course in that it is designed to help you manage your physical health condition better and in turn, improve your physical and emotional health. There are 4 programmes to choose from depending on your main concern, help managing:

  • Coronary Heart Disease
  • Chronic pain
  • Diabetes
  • Lung conditions including things like COPD and asthma

Moving More with a Long Term Condition

People with long-term conditions are often fearful of worsening their condition or experiencing potentially undesired consequences from physical activity. However, we now know the benefits out weigh the risks.

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Within this course we work through a number of tools and techniques to help support patients to plan and implement more movement into their days to help alleviate and manage their long term condition. These workshops are not restricted to any particular condition.

They are provided in three 2 hour sessions over three months, which can be done as an ADJUNCT to treatment as usual in NHS Buckinghamshire Talking Therapies. This course is a separate group from our LTC lifestyle management group.

For more information, please speak with your Clinician or watch this webinar (very large file) to learn more.



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