Wellbeing is an important value. It helps us to feel good in ourselves, enjoy things day-to-day and feel better able to cope when things might go wrong or become difficult either for ourselves or for those around us. Evidence suggests there are five ways we can take to improve our wellbeing. Please see these below or for a printable version click here.  Why not give them a try?

1. Connect

Connect with the people around you, this can be anyone from your family, friends, colleagues, or other people you might see or speak to. Spend time developing these relationships as research demonstrates it is an important part of our life to feel both close to and valued by others.

Some ideas to do this could be: speak to someone new, say hello to people around you, make time to ask someone how their day has been, phone someone rather than text, share a lift, organise a shared lunch or meet up, have a 5-10 minute chat with someone.

2. Be active

It’s known that physical activity is beneficial for our mood, health and wellbeing. So why not try to get moving more or even just standing more regularly throughout the day can help. You don’t have to join the gym or be the next Olympic athlete, just try increasing steps by walking, maybe do a fun activity or explore what’s available locally.

Some ideas to do this could be: dance to your favourite song, stretch when you wake up in the morning, walk on the spot whilst waiting for the kettle to boil, stand when adverts come on the TV, go for a walk at lunch, use the stairs or park your car at the further end of the car park.

3. Keep learning

Continued learning, whether it’s new skills, engaging in reflection, or accomplishing tasks, can give you a sense of achievement, help to improve motivation and self-confidence.

Some ideas to do this could be: sign up for something you haven’t done before eg. yoga class, arts or crafts, photography workshop, learn a new language, learn to play a musical instrument, keep a journal, research or read something, complete a puzzle, learn something new about someone.

4. Take notice

Be more aware of the present moment, including your thoughts, feelings, body sensations and the environment around you. Use your senses to notice what is happening around you eg. what can you see, how many different colours, how many different things, what can you hear, how many different sounds, how nearby are they, what can you smell, taste, touch or feel, how many different textures etc. Some people call this awareness “mindfulness”. It can positively change the way you feel about life and how you approach challenges.

Some ideas to do this could be: visit a new place for lunch, try a new type of food, take a different route to usual, go outside, notice what’s around you, what people are doing, what people are wearing, touch different objects, take your time, slow down and notice.

5. Give to others

This could be your time, a donation, a gift, it could also be a smile, a thank you, helping someone carry something, opening the door, giving a compliment or advice. You may also wish to consider doing voluntary work, this could range from any kind of activities and may help you to find out more about yourself, develop new interests and can help with building new social interactions or support networks.

Some ideas could be: to sign up for voluntary work, donate to or fundraise for a charity, give away unwanted items, offer a friend or a work colleague a lift, helping someone with something, saying hello or thank you to others, listening to someone.

Page last reviewed: 14 April, 2023