Life after PWP training

Whilst it may be too early to start thinking about what comes next, you will be glad to hear that becoming a PWP opens the door to lots of future career opportunities — within our service, the wider NHS and third sector partners.

Following qualification you consolidate your skills and attend “Top up” training in different techniques including working with Long Term Medical Conditions. You will also undertake supervisor training courses and begin to learn the skills needed to clinically supervise others.

  • After gaining experience as a qualified practitioner, you will be eligible to apply for a Senior PWP position where you can continue developing your own skills whilst providing supervisory support to newer team members.
  • From here, you have two options available to you; you could apply to be a Lead PWP, where you can develop your management skills and help us support our apprentices on their journey or
  • You could apply for a one-year trainee High Intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapist position where you can further your knowledge of different psychological interventions. After this year long course you will be able to practice as a qualified High Intensity therapist.
  • If you are keen to develop your managerial skills you can then apply to become one of our Team Leaders where you will support the smooth delivery of service as well as hold your own clinical caseload.

Page last reviewed: 14 June, 2023