Our offer

Buckinghamshire Recovery College offers a variety of free courses, workshops and seminars at venues in your local community.

These can help you understand your experiences, manage your own recovery, or support someone else with their journey.

Our courses vary in length from one-off workshops to those that run for a number of weeks and our tutors bring a broad range of expertise to the courses they deliver.

Non-urgent advice: College philosophy

The College has a philosophy of co-development, co-production and shared decision making, and the courses and workshops are delivered by a variety of organisations and available on a range of topics:

  • Building your life
  • Understanding / Experience of mental health conditions
  • Developing practical skills
  • Living well and enjoying life
  • Opportunities

Our aim

Our aim is to promote hope, opportunity and choice. We want to help you take control and become an expert in your own wellbeing and recovery in order that you can get on with your life despite any mental health challenges you might face.

  • To provide people with the tools and skills to self-manage, through the partnership of expertise by experience and professional expertise.
  • To enable people to take control of their lives and be able to move beyond mental health services and mental illness.
  • To enable people to make the best use of mental health service‚Äôs.

Meet the team

Page last reviewed: 25 June, 2021