Code of Conduct

As a student at the Buckinghamshire Recovery College we aim to give you all the support and guidance you need to achieve success. The Code of Conduct is a guide to show you what we expect from students at the College so that we can help you to achieve success in a supportive and non-threatening environment.

Our College is a student-focused, multi-ethnic community of students and staff who will work closely together. It is important that they are able to do so with minimum disruption in a safe space.

Non-urgent advice: Our vision

Our vision is to provide a learning experience that is accessible to all. We recognise that people and communities hold their own solutions and through working together, everyone can realise their own unique potential.

Our expectations

Students of Buckinghamshire Recovery College are expected to agree and sign up to the code of conduct.

  1. Please inform staff if you are unable to attend a session. If you do not attend a session you will be contacted by Recovery College Staff to ensure that you are safe and well.
  2. I will endeavour to be punctual for a course.
  3. The sessions are not therapy but provide educational tools to build up student’s resilience with regards their mental health. However, one to one time with staff will be available if needed after the session, to support students at this time.
  4. I will make sure that I am in a comfortable environment and in a separate room to others where I cannot be heard or interrupted.
  5. To wear appropriate non offensive clothing.
  6. To take turns and mute microphones when not talking and to be visible at all times. If I am disruptive during the group staff are able to remove me without notice.
  7. If for any reason you have to leave the group, please use the chat option to let staff know. This tool should not be used during the session to communicate with others.
  8. The sessions are intended as an educational platform and are not therapy and students are reminded not to overdisclose information with others.
  9. I understand that the Recovery College is a therapeutic and confidential environment. I will also treat group content as confidential.
  10. Abusive, Racist or threatening behaviour towards others will not be tolerated. I understand that if I behave in this manner the police will be contacted and it may result in discharge from the Recovery College and/or prosecution.
  11. I understand that if I engage in any acts of self-harm or risk-taking behaviour during a Recovery College session it will be necessary for the tutor to liaise with relevant agencies and teams to ensure my safety in order I can receive relevant support that I may need.
  12. There is a zero-tolerance policy to alcohol and illicit drug use; I understand that if I attend the Recovery College under the influence of either I will be asked to leave the session.
  13. Please note that sessions will not be recorded and that students are not permitted to record sessions. If a student is found to be recording sessions, they will be asked to stop Immediately. However, if they fail to do so they will be removed from the session.
  14. Students are requested to have their microphones on mute to reduce background noise and to take microphones off mute to contribute to a class discussion. (Please note there is a raise your hand bar.)
  15. It would be appreciated if students can arrange their camera so their face is in full view.
  16. If students need to take a call during the session please can you turn your microphone off and ensure that if it is on video it is away from your computer screen.

Page last reviewed: 5 July, 2022