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Buckinghamshire Recovery College
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Student Pathway

Step 1: You Express an Interest
Talk to a member of the Buckinghamshire Recovery College team via 07748328758 or contact via email at

Step 2: Admissions Team Contacts You
Admission Team will contact you to arrange a meeting and to provide information about enrolment and induction

Step 3: Attending Enrolment/Induction
Meet with a member of the Buckinghamshire Recovery College team and discuss what you would like to gain from the college and what the college and the courses can offer you. Together you will create your Individual Learning plan (ILP) Any courses you wish to attend are booked (if possible) and a future review is planned.

Step 4: Induction
You complete induction by attending the recovery College Induction Course and will receive confirmation of the course you have booked on

Step 5: Attend the course(s)

Step 6: Review
Once you have attended the agreed course(s) you meet with a member of the team to review your achievements and ILP.






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