Tutors’ Code of Conduct

Buckinghamshire Recovery College expects tutors to:

  • Refrain from using offensive language
  • Be punctual, and to be prepared for the lesson that they are going to teach.
  • Be familiar with the Standard Operational Procedures
  • Actively listen to students and respect their views
  • Have some understanding of where to sign-post students, if necessary
  • Deliver courses using a variety of teaching methods, aimed at the various types of learning
  • Record any incident of note on their lesson plan and feed it back to the relevant individual
  • Actively manage the classroom environment, ensuring that the learning is accessible for all
  • Attend and take an active part in supervision; looking after your own wellbeing at work
  • Maintain a professional relationship with the students
  • Refrain from developing personal relationships with students whilst they are undertaking learning offered by Buckinghamshire Recovery College
  • Model the principles of recovery
  • Take part in the development of the College
  • Assist in the evaluation of the courses and course material.

Page last reviewed: 25 June, 2021