Guidelines for course design

  1. All courses and workshops need to be co-produced.
  2. Courses and workshops need to be recovery focused – hope, opportunity, control
  3. The courses/workshops should assume no previous knowledge of a subject and should include recent best practice and evidence.
  4. Is there potential for individuals to become distressed – is there space for debrief?
  5. Identify the skills and knowledge you would like the students to come away with.
  6. Does the course/workshop offer further opportunities or does it signpost?
  7. Brief examples of your own lived experience may inspire students and validate hope.
  8. Encourage self management and reinforce coping strategies.
  9. Does it enable people to focus on their strengths?
  10. Reference should be made to peer support both giving, receiving and seeking to decrease isolation and increasing a sense of purpose.
  11. Language should be clear and limited use of jargon and acronyms.

Page last reviewed: 24 June, 2021