What is a Lived Experience Tutor?

A Lived Experience Tutor is someone who has lived experience of mental health problems and has shown that they have been able to use recovery tools to sustain good management of their difficulties.

We have Lived Experience Tutors from a wide range of mental Health challenges giving us the ability to provide a good range of course from anything from Mindfulness to Managing psychosis.

All our Lived Experience Tutors have training to teach and support as well as supervision to make sure that any issues that arise can be dealt with in the best way possible.

Many Lived Experience Tutors will have gone on courses themselves to widen their own knowledge of Recovery and may have professional training in other areas of mental health and teaching.

Lived Experience Tutors’ lived experience may also come from their experience of being a supporter, relative or carer of someone with mental health difficulties.

Lived Experience Tutors are responsible for co-developing and co-producing courses alongside a Tutor by Training (mental health practitioner or clinician) who has experience through training but can also, and quite often, have had mental health challenges of their own at one time or another.

Non-urgent advice: What is co-production?

The courses we provide are put together and delivered in partnership with those who have lived experience of mental health challenges (Lived Experience Tutor) and those who have professional experience/training (for example, an occupational therapist or psychologist).

This is known as co-production and co-delivery.

Page last reviewed: 5 July, 2022