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CAMHS: further information for Buckinghamshire GPs

000233321. OUT OF HOURS,

Out of hours, please call 01865 901000 and ask for CAMHS crisis on call.


In hours, if a child poses an immediate danger to themselves or others, please call us straight away on on 0844 2252414 (North Buckinghamshire), or 01296 564130 (South Buckinghamshire) – we will deal with this as an Emergency (within 24 hours of receipt of referral).

In hours, if you have particular concerns about a case or are not sure of its clinical priority, we urge you to call us on 0844 2252414 (North Buckinghamshire), or 01296 564130 (South Buckinghamshire) – we triage all referrals, and Urgent referrals are seen within 7 days.


If you have concerns relating to a child’s welfare, it is your duty to refer the child to social services and you should do this promptly, notwithstanding any need they have to also be referred to CAMHS (which is a separate referral).


As a general rule, straightforward cases of suspected developmental disorder such as ADHD, autism or aspergers in children aged UNDER 11 would be referred to community paediatrics, whereas such cases in children AGED 11 OR OVER would be referred to CAMHS.  Regardless of age, cases of psychiatric disorder, such as depression / anxiety and OCD, be they isolated or linked to a developmental disorder would be referred to CAMHS.


There is no BMI below which a child has to go before a referral would be considered. If a child has suspected eating disorder, to ensure the greatest chance of therapeutic success we encourage early consultation or referral (including information on height, weight, pulse and blood pressure).


We welcome advice requests – please contact / 0844 2252414 (North Buckinghamshire) or /01296 564130 (South Buckinghamshire).  Emails, particularly if they have identifiable patient information, must be sent via a secure email address. Our telephone lines are open in hours (from 0900–1700) – we endeavour to answer the phone but if not, please leave a clear message and return number, or send an email.

Please note: any NHS referral to a CAMH service that is not Buckinghamshire CAMHS will need to be reviewed and agreed for exceptional funding by the Clinical Commisioning Group funding panel.  Requests for such funding should be sent for the attention of Caroline Hart, Joint Commissioner and patients warned that such funding requests are not guaranteed.

Last updated: 14 August, 2017

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Visiting restrictions at Oxford Health inpatient wards

There is currently no visiting to any of our community hospitals and mental health inpatient wards.

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