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What does OSCA mean?

We have an outreach service called OSCA which stands for Outreach Services for Children and Adolescents. This service works with young people who are under the age of 18 in the community who are having serious problems related to their emotional or mental health.

Sometimes we will work with young people to help keep them out of hospital or to help them to return home from hospital as soon as possible, whether that be a local A&E department, or a mental health unit.

Who can we help?

We always work with the young person as our first priority, but may also offer support to their family or carers, or other professionals who know the young person.

This service supports you with treatment at home and in the community, and has a flexible way of working.

Young Offenders Support Team (Forensic Team)

Our Forensic Team can help you if you are in trouble with the police or have to go to a Court of Law.  They can also help you if you feel you are doing or planning anything risky or illegal which is to do with your mental health.

Our team is very skilled at dealing with these situations and will treat you with respect.  They will not judge you or make any accusations.


We use treatments such Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), you can find out more about it here. We also offer brief skills interventions to focus on supporting young people to tolerate their distress and also regulate their emotions through practical skills.

Your CAMHS worker will refer you to this service if they feel it is right for you, and your Buddy will explain anything you need to know. You can ask your Buddy anything about your treatment!

What they say

Here are some things our young people have said:

  • “There are some very nice people who understood me.”
  • “I can speak about what I need.”
  • “It is confidential – they don’t judge.”
  • “Kind useful skills.”
  • “Can talk about things and share feelings.”
  • “They teach you skills to help you deal with stress.”
  • “Everyone is friendly – great knowing that they’re always there.”

Your questions

Do I have to be seen in a clinic?

No we can make arrangements to see you wherever is most comfortable like school, a café, or a health centre.

Will my friends know I am using the outreach service?

Not unless you choose to tell them.

Will I need to go to hospital?

Most people just have appointments with their outreach worker, but if you need to go to hospital, we will arrange this for you.

Non-urgent advice: Get in touch

If you would like to get in contact with CAMHS about any concerns or questions, contact our single point of access service on 01865 901951. All younger children can be referred by their general practitioner (GP).

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Page last reviewed: 10 September, 2021