Dynamic Support Facilitation Team

Who are we?

The Bucks Dynamic Support Facilitation Team (DSFT) is a small team with specialist knowledge and skills in working with people who have an Intellectual Disability and/or Autism. Depending on the needs of your child, we will offer advice and support to the care Team or in some circumstances, we may need to be more actively involved for the best outcome

Work with young people on the Dynamic Support Register (DSR), up to 25-year-old, who are Autistic and / or have an ID

We are a support team and do not provide interventions. We are not a Clinical Team and your young person’s care will still be coordinated by the CAMHS Pathway that they have been working with, such as ‘Neurodevelopmental Team’ or the ‘Getting More Help Team’ for example

We bring the wider network of care around you together and support it by identifying gaps in provision that may be helpful, aiding with timely support as quickly as possible

Should your child be at risk of a placement breakdown or an admission to a Mental Health Hospital, your assigned Facilitator will work closely alongside other agencies involved to try and prevent this happening, or will remain involved to try to make their hospital stay as short as possible

What do we do?

Collaborate with the young person, families and network

Understanding the young person’s needs

Listening to the voice of the young person and their family

Bringing care plans together

Chairing and attend network meetings

Ensuring actions from meetings and CETRS are carried out

Helping to ensure reasonable adjustments are made where needed


Non-urgent advice: How we can help


A Care, Education & Treatment Review (CETR) is a meeting about a child or young person who has a learning disability and/or Autism and who is either at risk of being admitted to, or is currently detained in, an in-patient (psychiatric) service. Your appointed Facilitator will assist you and your young person through the process of the CETR and ensuring actions from meetings and CETRs are carried out.

Care plans

A care plan is a description of the main issues, treatment plan, goals and which professionals and agencies will be involved. Clear care planning and goals for treatment that are realistic, specific and measurable make it clear when to end contact as well as giving a focus for the work. Your appointed Facilitator will work through and identify the individual needs of your young person and bring everything together in line with the plan.

Signposting and awareness

We are able to signpost to additional outside services, tailored to the wants and needs of the young person and the family unit around them. We can also recommend aspects of support and treatment that are not currently in place; ensuring that the best possible outcome is reached and that the correct work is carried out in a timely and effective manner.

Consulting and educating

You appointed Facilitator will also work with the wider multi-agency network around your young person, to develop bespoke plans and support tailored to their individual needs and the condition(s) they display, for example: exploring what their Autism diagnosis means to them specifically, and how they can thrive in life alongside their diagnosis.

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Page last reviewed: 13 March, 2024