Meet the team

Our team is made up of a mixture of different people with different experiences, trainings, and backgrounds. Although we all have different life experiences, we all share the same ethos and passion of supporting young people who live in care. This is our team:

Dr Nicola Connolly (Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Lead)

I am Dr Nicola Connolly. I am a consultant clinical psychologist and clinical lead for the looked after and adopted children’s service.

My job is to make sure that our team is meeting the needs of looked after children and their carers. I attend lots of meetings with social care and health to think about how we can all work together to improve things for you in terms of your health, and mental health.

I have three teenage boys who are very active. We enjoy going for long walks in the countryside, cycling and watersports. I am originally from Ireland and enjoy Irish dancing but my boys aren’t too keen on that!

Simone Solomons (Team Administrator)

I am Simone Solomons and I look after the team’s administrative tasks.

Sheetal Amin (Integrative Arts Psychotherapist)

I am Sheetal Amin. I am an Integrative Arts Psychotherapist and an Interpersonal Psychotherapist.

I support children, young people and their families explore their struggles and make sense of their feelings. They can do this using verbal language and using creative arts, stories, music, sand tray, puppets, and body work. An Integrative Arts Psychotherapist works with people using the arts to help people express themselves and make sense of their difficulties.

An Interpersonal Psychotherapist works with adolescents who are experiencing moderate to severe depression using a 12-16 weeks model to specifically target the depression, understand it and overcome it using the therapy relationship.

I am also the person leading on how we support unaccompanied asylum-seeking children and young people within CAMHS. My interest is working with complex trauma and I am passionate about ensuring that all who need support are able to access it to meet their needs.

I speak three languages fluently; I love being by the sea and my favourite time of the year is when the sun shines and it gets warmer!

Dr Joe Clacey (Consultant Child and Adolescence Psychiatrist)

My name is Joe Clacey and I am Consultant a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, working in the Looked After and Adopted Children’s (LAAC) Service. I also work in the Outreach Service for Children and Adolescents (OSCA).

I am medically qualified doctor who has had specific training in working with young people and their mental health conditions. The biggest part of my role is assessing for and managing medications for young people within the LAAC team. I also support with helping make particular diagnoses and managing situations that might be particularly risky for young people or their families.

Other than being a fan of working in teams with long names, I am an avid watcher of American Sports especially Basketball and American Football. Sadly though, I am only any good at watching them! I live out on a farm, and really enjoy being out in the country.

Philippa Bond (Assistant Psychologist)

My name is Philippa Bond and I am the Assistant Psychologist in the team.

My role is to support my team members to improve the psychological health of people who use our service. I may work alongside clinicians or do a specific piece of work directly with a young person or the important people around the young person. I also help to do projects for our team to further improve our service.

I have a husband and boy/girl twins who are currently 5 years old. I have an identical twin sister who looks very similar to me

I enjoy learning how to support those who are experiencing difficulties with their mental health with a particular interest in attachment disruption, trauma and transgenerational difficulties.

Natasha Maber (Senior Mental Health Practitioner)

I’m Natasha Maber and I am a Senior Mental Health Practitioner with the Looked After and Adopted Children’s Team.

I am a mental health nurse by background and have worked with young people in both community and inpatient settings and also have experience of working in addictions services. I work with young people, carers, parents, and professionals and often work with an outreach approach and help young people develop relationships, build on coping skills and work on managing risk whilst developing independence

I am married and have two young children and we have dog called Toby who I’m hoping will join me on some of my sessions, with young people who are interested, that involve walks outdoors

When I was a teenager I used to be involved in something called casualties unions who trained us in both acting and treating casualties and patients for the medical profession, the emergency services, and those who teach first aid, nursing and rescue for their training purposes. We used stage makeup to recreate realistic injuries and I once had to participate as a casualty in a stage plane crash where we had smoke machines, were rescued, and rushed to the local A&E.

I am one of the participation leads in the team and really enjoy involving our service users in developing the service and both receiving and acting on feedback.

Dr Emily Goodwin (Clinical Psychologist)

My name is Dr Emily Goodwin, I am a clinical psychologist.

In my job I work with children and young people, and their parents or carers, to help everyone understand and manage big feelings better. This can help life to feel a bit easier at home or school.

Sometimes talking can help, and sometimes I bring toys or art supplies and use those instead if talking is tricky! I particularly like to work with schools to help teachers understand why school can be difficult for some people.

When I’m not at work, I live at home with my husband and children and pet guinea pigs. I like decorating cakes (and eating them), and watching movies, and I really, really would like to get a dog!

Stacey Brooker (Senior Mental Health Practitioner)

My name is Stacey Brooker and I am a Senior Mental Health Practitioner within the Looked After and Adopted Children’s Team.

I am a Social Worker by training and have always been passionate about supporting young people with their mental health having previously worked in a Looked After and Adopted Children’s Team in another area.

I love to play netball and spend time with friends. I have a pet frog and crested gecko at the moment but really hoping I can get a dog soon. I am also getting married later on this year so when you meet me I may have a different name

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Page last reviewed: 1 October, 2021