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Mood and stress difficulties

What support is available?

As part of the mood and stress service at CAMHS, we can offer children, young people and their families support with some of the following conditions:

Who can we help?

We always work with the child or young person as our first priority, but may also offer support to their family or carers, or other professionals who know the young person.


If you are referred to CAMHS you may be offered a range of talking therapies and medication (if appropriate). Many of the talking therapies focuses on setting goals and reflecting on the present day including things that are affecting you in your life now. For more details on the treatment option please refer to the respective disorders from the list above

If you have any questions about your care at CAMHS we are here to help, you can ask any questions you have at your appointments, alternatively, you can ask your Buddy anything about your treatment!

How do I get in contact?

If you would like to get in contact with CAMHS about any concerns or questions, contact our single point of access service on 01865 901951. All younger children can be referred by their general practitioner (GP).