Transition to adult services

When your child is nearly 18, she/he may need to have a transition to the adult eating disorder service where they will have a more adult-focussed treatment.  

We start preparing for this in the 6 months before your child turn 18 and aim to make the transition as smooth as possible.

A clinician from the adult service will join a review to explain the options for treatment in the adult service.

At a later stage, they may offer up to four transition sessions so that they can get to know the young person and consider what is going to help. Your worker from CAMHS may attend one of these sessions with the young person, and parents are also encouraged to attend one or two of these sessions if your child is happy with this.

At the end of the four sessions the young person will work out with the clinician the best way forward for continuing treatment (if this is needed).

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Page last reviewed: 12 January, 2023