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Eating Disorder Service

Information for family and friends

How can I get help?

There are different ways of getting help.

If you are concerned about your child’s eating or mental health you can make a self-referral into CAMHS by ringing SPA (single point of access). The number is 01865 902515. 

They will find out from you what the problems are, give initial advice and may suggest a referral to the CAMHS eating disorder service or another service within CAMHS.

If your referral is passed on to the Eating Disorder service we recommend that you take your child to the GP for a medical check to exclude other causes of eating problems or low weight and to assess current physical health.

  • Call our service on 01865 902515.
  • We will listen to your worries without judgment, and think with you about what help is available.
  • You can ‘self-refer’ to the service using our online referrals form.

  • The online referrals system is for routine referrals only. 

You can book an appointment for your child at your local doctors’ surgery. The GP will assess the situation and discuss whether you should have a referral to CAMHS, further help from the GP or referral to another service.

You can get information about eating disorders and how to help from our web site:

Last updated: 21 May, 2019

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