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Eating Disorder Service

Information for professionals

Referral process

Young people with eating disorders (anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa or atypical eating disorders) are seen within the service.

In all of these conditions, the young person will have significant concerns about their weight and shape. The service is not commissioned to see young people with obesity or those who have feeding/eating problems related to other diagnoses such as anxiety/depression/ASD where the core problem s not an over-evaluation of weight and shape.

If an eating disorder is suspected, an early referral to CAMHS is recommended using the standard GP referral pro-forma. The box relating to possible eating disorder (or a referral letter should be completed (including information on weight, height BP and PR, and recent blood results). The referral should be sent electronically to the Single Point of Access (SPA) for CAMHS:

If the case is urgent, e.g. very low weight, rapid weight loss or serious psychiatric comorbidity such as suicidal risk, we suggest ringing the service direct, backed up by a written referral (marked urgent and faxed or E mailed to the service).

In the case of a physical health emergency the young person should be referred immediately to Paediatrics (Under 16) or General Medicine (16/17 years).

A useful guideline for assessment and management of physical risk is the Junior Marsipan Guideline (off site)

If it is unclear whether an eating disorder referral is indicated the CYP Eating Disorder Service can be consulted on Tel:

Once the referral has been received by the SPA team it will be passed to the CYP Eating Disorder Service.

The service aims to carry out urgent assessments within one week of referral and routine assessments within four weeks. Specialist treatment, if appropriate, is normally started on the day of assessment.

If a young person is referred from non-medical referrers (including school health nurse, counsellor or self-referral) the young person will be asked to see their GP for physical assessment and blood screening (to exclude other causes of weight loss) as soon as possible. 

Following the initial assessment, referrers and GPs will receive an assessment summary within one week of assessment, which will include the plan for ongoing care. Update reports will be provided after every CPA review.


Bucks CAMHS eating disorder team
Sue Nichol Centre
Bierton Road
HP20 1EG


Oxon CAMHS eating disorder service
Raglan House
23, Between Towns Road
OX4 3lX

South west

For contact details for the Eating Disorder Service in Bath & NE Somerset, Marlborough, Melksham, Salisbury and Swindon, please follow the link below.

Last updated: 21 May, 2019

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