What is participation?

Participation means getting involved and having a say about how we support children and young people who use the CAMHS service.

We know that we can learn a lot from young people and families who use the CAMHS service.

You know what you want and need from CAMHS, and by listening and learning from your experiences we can keep children, young people and their families at the centre of everything we do.

Through participation we provide opportunities for you to tell us to what you like about CAMHS and the changes you think we need to make.

We offer a range of different ways for you to get involved and have a say. You can choose to do as much or as little as you want. We also do our best to make it fun, interesting and rewarding.

Who can get involved?

Any young person who is interested in helping us improve the support we provide is welcome to get involved.

There are some regional differences in the age of young people who can join participation groups. Check the local links for more information.

Most have used or are using CAMHS themselves but that is not a requirement. If you want to improve support for children and young people — that’s the most important thing.

ANY parent or carer who has been involved with CAMHS can join the Parent & Carer Groups.

Non-urgent advice: iWantGreatCare

We use the review website, iWantGreatCare, to get feedback on what patients think.

You can leave feedback on your care, say thank you and help the next patient by improving experiences.

Your feedback is totally confidential, and is processed by iWantGreatCare, which is an independent organisation.

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Page last reviewed: 8 September, 2021