Name the Clock House rooms

The Clock House in Abingdon is the south Oxfordshire base for young people on the Trust’s CAMHS ‘Getting Help’ and ‘Getting More Help’ Pathways.

We think Clock House is a pretty colourful name.

So good, in fact, that we want to name each of the rooms – and we hope that the young people who visit the building will help us do just that.

Click here to fill in a two minute survey where you can share your ideas (anonymously).

To get your creative juices flowing we’ve already suggested some themes that we could use to name the rooms. You can either tick one of them or suggest your own ideas.

Entries close at 5pm on 6th February – so the Clock is ticking.

It can be challenging going into a healthcare environment – even if the end result is that you feel better. We hope to make things a little less challenging for our young people and their families.

And If that gets you interested in having more of a say about our services for young people in Oxfordshire, why not think about joining our participation group? You can find out more by going to the CAMHS website here. Or email Diane Statham, Patient Experience and Involvement Lead at

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Page last reviewed: 14 March, 2022