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What is Bullying and Cyber Bullying?

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Bullying means hurting someone emotionally or physically. Bullies may target people they think are different because of the way they look, their size, a disability, their race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

What it looks like

Bullying doesn’t just happen at school, sadly it can happen on the way to and from school, in sports team, clubs, youth groups, where you live and even at work.

Bullying can be done in many ways, people may:

  • call you names
  • post insulting messages about you online (cyber-bullying)
  • send you offensive texts or other messages online
  • make silent or abusive phone calls to you
  • get you into trouble on purpose
  • hit, bite, pinch or push you
  • take things from you, including your money
  • damage your belongings
  • spread rumours about you or your family which aren’t true
  • threaten you and making you feel scared

What to do about it?

Although it can be hard, it’s important that you tell your parents and your teachers if you feel that you are being bullied.

Never respond to bullies, whether the bullying happens face-to-face or online.

Tell other people, as many people as you can, so you have lots of people on your side that are looking out for you.

If you’re being bullied on your phone or online then keep copies or take screenshots as evidence.

Who to speak to?

If the bullying is to stop, then you have to tell someone. It could be a friend, a parent or someone at school/youth club. By getting an adult involved you will find they have the power to challenge the bully and make them stop.

Helpful Info

BullyingUK has a ‘myth buster’ and a short film that might be helpful to you.

The BBC has some really great resources on its website covering all aspects of bullying.

The Anti-Bullying Alliance have some really great support and advice for your people who are being bullied.

If you’re being bullied online, then take a look at any of these great websites:

Last updated: 23 March, 2016

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