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Participation group

Young people are key designing and delivering our services, and our participation group is here to make this possible.

‘The PG’ is a participation group for young people who want to discuss and improve services, as well as do something fun.

You don’t have to had an experience of the service yourself: you may just have an interest, or you may have a friend or relative who has used our services.

We can help with travel, and refreshments are provided.

The group meets on a monthly basis and gets involved with:

  • Designing the CAMHS website
  • Filming and editing videos about mental health
  • Raising awareness of mental health
  • Interviewing new staff for CAMHS
  • Public speaking
  • Deliver training to CAMHS and schools staff
  • Art activities

and more.

Contact us

If you would like to be involved or receive more information about participation opportunities & patient experience please contact:


Have your say

Article 12

Use your experiences to enhance the experience of other patients and improve services. We also have fun, learn new skills and highlight projects that need our help!

But participation also means that we make sure that your views matter, and that our service works together with you and listens to what you have to say. 

Your participation can make people more aware of what services are available, make them more user-friendly, and help to reduce stigma.

You can participate by:

  • Making videos to reduce stigma and raise awareness
  • Presenting at schools or conferences
  • Designing leaflets, posters and other information
  • Training staff

WHO? Any young person under 25 years with an interest in participation can be involved in the Article 12 Council. It is not limited to people who have used our services. Parents can also be involved.

WHEN? Article 12 meet regularly. Contact Louis Headley for dates

WHERE? We meet in different locations across Oxfordshire to try to make meetings available for everybody

Tell us what you think

We use iWantGreatCare, a health reviews website, to collect feedback on what patients think, monitor it and action where possible.

IWantGreatCare encourages patients to leave meaningful feedback on their care, say thank you and help the next patient by improving experiences and is available for the majority of services across the Trust.

It’s a service that is independent, secure and trusted by patients, doctors and hospitals.

Your feedback is totally confidential, and collected and processed by iWantGreatCare, an independent organisation.
You can also provide your feedback on paper forms, using the app during your care or by using the website.

Last updated: 6 December, 2018