Where we’re based

We are a county-based service. Appointments are based either at Maple House or The Slade building.

Maple House, The Slade, Horspath Driftway, OX3 7JH


Maple House is the building at the far end of the site.

Directions to Maple House

You will need to drive into the Oxford Health grounds, past the Lodge and Step Down buildings on your left (Abell House and Slade on your right), until you get to the car park at the back.

If you arrive by car,  press the Slade House button on the intercom at the Barrier and inform Reception staff of your appointment and you will be admitted to the car park.

Park on the main car park then walk to Reception at either Slade House or Maple House (depending where your appointment is).

Photos of Maple House

Photos of Slade House

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Page last reviewed: 2 May, 2024