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High-risk young people

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Services for high risk young people

We offer five closely-coordinated services for young people with high-risk behaviours, or who come into contact with the youth justice system. These services come under the general heading of the Thames Valley Young People’s Forensic Service, and consist of:

Forensic CAMHS

About us

This is a specialist regional service covering the Thames Valley, including Oxfordshire. 

We respond to family or professional concerns about mental health or neurodevelopmental difficulties in young people with risky behavior towards others, or those who are involved in the youth justice system.



Our team has particular expertise in:

  • working at the interface between health, youth justice, welfare, and education systems
  • supporting other services involved with helping high-risk young people
  • understanding the difficulties and dilemmas associated with the care of high-risk young people.

Contact us

See our referral page for more information on how you can access this or other services, or call us.

Child & Adolescent Harmful Behaviour Service (CAHBS) 

About us

This service is for children and young people in Oxfordshire about whom there are concerns in relation to sexualised or sexually-harmful behaviour.

We provide assessments, and work with young people and their family. 

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See our referral page for more information on how you can access this or other services, or call us.

Criminal justice and liaison service for Oxfordshire

About us

We’re here to help if you have been arrested or charged, and need extra support.

You don’t have to see us, but if you do, we will try and work with what your difficulties are.

We support families and carers too, and vulnerable people including:

  • mental health problems
  • learning disabilities or learning difficulties
  • alcohol or substance misuse issues
  • housing issues

Supporting you

We can give you support if you are at these police stations:

  • Abingdon police station
  • Banbury police station

We can support you if you are at these magistrates’ courts:

  • Oxford Magistrates Court
  • Banbury Magistrates Court

We can also give support for people at Early Intervention Centres.

Sometimes the support we give is over the phone.

If not, we will try to meet you somewhere that is convenient for you so we can talk in person.

Contact us

We are here to help you 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Call us on: 0300 365 5555 

  1. Option 1 for adults
  2. Option 2 for young people

Specialist CAMHS Housing Pathway

About us

The Specialist CAMHS Housing Pathway is based within the Specialist CAMHS services.

It exists to support young people and staff within the Housing Pathway.

Predominantly, the service has two key functions:

  • Direct contact with vulnerable young people including clinical assessments, risk management and evidence-based interventions
  • To provide clinical support and guidance to professionals working within the pathway homes, in order to optimise the care provided and improve outcomes for young people.

Case management

Cases within the service are managed via a fluid tiered system:

1. Advice only

2. Single agency consultation

3. Multi-agency consultation

4. Assessment

5. Assessment plus intervention

We aim to deliver a quick response to the referrer via an initial verbal discussion, at which time we will triage the level of input required according to the clinical need and risk.

Referrals can be made by professionals from all agencies working with young people following discussions with them, their parents or carers. We offer professionals advice and support as well as direct assessment or support to young people

Referral criteria

  • Under the age of twenty-five
  • Living within the Specialist Housing Pathway in Oxfordshire

Please include clear reasons for the referral and adequate background information.

Contact us

Maple House,
The Slade,
Horspath Driftway,
Oxford OX3 7JH

Youth Justice Liaison and Diversion

About us

A service for young people under the age of 18 that are involved in offending behaviour or suspected of a criminal offence; to support decision making with regards to the offence (diversion).

We offer advice, consultation, liaison and assessment (if indicated) to identify any unmet needs and refer into appropriate services for support (early intervention).

If services are already open to the young person our role is likely to be that of liaison with professionals and contributing to risk management

The service covers referrals across Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Referral criteria

  • The Young Person is under 18 years old.
  • We cannot accept referrals where a Police Disposal Decision has already been made as the remit of the service is to contribute to Police decision making.

Contact us

Maple House,
The Slade,
Horspath Driftway,
Oxford OX3 7JH

Last updated: 18 July, 2019

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