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Your CAMHS NDC appointment

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When will your assessment be?

This will vary, depending if you have been referred for a diagnostic assessment, or if you have been referred for treatment for a neurodevelopmental condition or issue associated to one.

  • The waiting list for a diagnostic assessment

There is currently an 18 month wait for your first appointment. In most cases, once you are offered an appointment, your child/ young person is assessed and given feedback within one week, unless there have been issues raised during the assessment that require further investigation.

If you or your child/ young person require support whilst waiting for an appointment with us, you can be known to other CAMHS or outside agencies for support. You do not need to wait for our assessment for support to be put in place – please refer to our advice page for further information and advice.

  • The assessment

First appointments are sometimes called assessments. The face to face assessment involves meeting with the child or young person and the family to discuss the difficulties. There are usually two clinicians involved. Parents will complete a detailed developmental history with one of our clinicians, whilst a different clinician observes and completes activities with the child or young person (please see our assessment section for further details). This appointment usually lasts approximately 2 hours and no further appointments may be necessary.

Once the assessment process is complete all the information is carefully considered by the multi-disciplinary team. The family will be invited to a feedback appointment to discuss the outcome of the assessment and the next steps. A confirmation of diagnosis letter is provided at the feedback meeting (if applicable) and a report of the full assessment within 8 weeks. The report outlines how the team reached its conclusion, but also provides a set of recommendations to be followed by families and professionals.

  • Please note

Even if you or your child does not meet diagnostic criteria threshold, we will still provide a report and make recommendations. 

Last updated: 9 July, 2019