Useful resources

Useful articles, books, apps and references.

Self-help material

  • Royal College of Psychiatrist leaflet “help is at hand – eating disorders”
  • Locke, J and Le Grange, D (2005). Help your teenager beat an eating disorder, Guildford Press
  • Bryant-Waugh, R., & Lask, B. (2004) Eating disorders; a parents’ guide Brunner Routledge
  • Treasure, J, Smith, G., Crane, A. (2007). Skills –based learning for caring for a loved one with an eating disorder. Routledge.


  • Lask, B & Bryant-Waugh, R. (2007) Eating disorders in childhood and adolescence. Routledge
  • Luck, A.J et al (2002) The SCOFF questionnaire and clinical interview for eating disorders in general practice.

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Page last reviewed: 13 September, 2021