Personal experience story

Here a young person who suffered from anorexia shares their experience of the CAMHS Eating Disorder Service.

When I was first diagnosed with anorexia I resented the fact that people cared about me and the help I was offered. As a fairly independent teenager, to suddenly have all control over food and lifestyle taken away from me was hard to come to terms with.

At first, things were difficult as my eating disorder was the source of countless horrendous arguments within the family. The person anorexia had made me was barely recognisable. But as time passed, and my treatment at CAMHS began, I slowly and reluctantly started to eat again.

However, it was only when I consciously made the decision that I wanted to be healthy that my journey of recovery started and I became motivated to gain weight and relinquish my control.

Gradually I became more like the person I was before my eating disorder, and thoughts and actions became my own once again – anorexia was starting to lose its grip on me.

After my discharge from CAMHS things soon became difficult again, but the support of my family helped me to get back on my feet. I felt weak admitting that I was struggling at times, but now I recognise that asking for support is an act of the strong – it shows that I am willing to keep fighting the battle against anorexia.

Yes, I still have bad days when I want to revert to my old habits, but they are few and far between, vastly outnumbered by the good days.

I have come to realise that there is so much more out there for me – so many opportunities have become available since I decided to recover for myself.

It is only when I look back and remember my first few appointments that I see how far I have come and how worthwhile choosing to recover from anorexia has been.

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Page last reviewed: 16 January, 2023