Pre-referral screening questionnaire

Are you thinking of making a referral to CAMHS on behalf of a young person? Try this short questionnaire to find out about some of the options.

Alternatively, you could talk to one of our clinicians about your concern. They will be able to advise you about how to get the right help from the right service.

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1. Have these problems been around for longer than 3 months?

2. Is the issue having a significant and ongoing impact on the child's everyday life?

For example: low motivation, poor self-care, poor sleep, changing eating habits.

3. Is the problem affecting more than one part of the child’s life?

For example: school, home, friendships and leisure.

4. Have the family/carers tried anything so far to help their child?

For example, have they tried accessing support from their child’s school or looking at online support resources?

Yes, but the difficulties have worsened / persisted despite this.

5. Is the child having difficulties despite the things their family/carers have tried?

Yes, but the difficulties have worsened / persisted despite this.
No, they haven’t tried anything yet.

Page last reviewed: 7 September, 2021