The Swindon mental health pathway

When you make a request for a mental health service in Swindon (this can be done by a professional such as a GP, someone who works in an educational setting, a social worker etc.) the request will be reviewed by the Swindon Single Point of Access.

This is a place where several mental health service providers come together and decide which of them is best suited to meet the needs of that child or young person.

Typically, children and young people with more moderate mental health needs receive support from ABL Health who deliver a service called B U Swindon which provides Getting Advice and Getting Help Services.

For more information about B U Swindon and the Swindon Single Point of Access, please see:

Oxford Health Foundation Trust provide the Getting More Help service in Swindon. This is specialist mental health support for children and young people with more severe and enduring mental health needs.

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Page last reviewed: 15 December, 2023