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Welcome to CAMHS

In Swindon we provide a wide range of mental health services for children and young people (CAMHS) and community services. 

Did you know?

One in ten young people has mental health difficulties during their childhood – that’s three children in your class.

What is CAMHS?

  • CAMHS stands for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
  • We help children and young people up to 18 who are finding it hard to cope with everyday life because of difficult feelings, behaviour or relationships
  • Most of the time when we are sad, angry, stressed or worried these feelings pass within a few days – but if they go on for a while and stop us enjoying and coping with life, then CAMHS can help
  • Just as we go to the doctors when we are physically ill sometimes we need extra help with our mental health


  • We are committed to providing services that are accessible to everyone
  • Different people have different needs and we will always do whatever we can to make sure that these needs are met

Our services

What can CAMHS do?

CAMHS teams treat children and young people aged 0-18 years. They can work with you in a range of different ways to suit your needs. Some of the ways we can work with you and the therapies we use are explained below:

Last updated: 28 August, 2018

Coronavirus (COVID-19): We are not allowing visitors to any of our hospital or inpatient sites in order to protect our patients and staff who care for them from the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). This is with effect from Monday 23 March 2020 until further notice.