The Ukraine conflict: how to help your child or young person


Here is some advice for how you can help them:

Your child’s school will probably have spoken to them about the conflict.

You could speak to your child’s teacher about how they are educating and supporting pupils to understand what is going on and what support will be available in the educational setting.

Talking about it

Have a look at the blog on the Young Minds website which gives tips about how to talk about the conflict with young children and teenagers:

The Trust has also provided some guidance which can be found here:

Self-help resources

If events in Ukraine are having an impact on your child or young person’s mood, sleep or level of anxiety then you could have a look at our self-help resources on these issues:

Still concerned?

If you still concerned about your child or young person’s mental health then please make a referral to CAMHS.

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Page last reviewed: 14 March, 2022