Be active, eat & sleep well

Be active

Not a sports fan? Don’t worry, exercise doesn’t need to be particularly intense for you to feel good.

Slower-paced activities, such as walking or swimming can have the benefit of making you feel good as well providing some level of exercise.

The NHS website provides tips on what you can do to add some activity into your day.

NHS Guidelines

Eat well

As a teenager, your body is going through many physical changes – changes that need to be supported by a healthy, balanced diet.

The NHS website has some top tips for eating and being a healthy weight.

You’ll be pleased to hear that eating healthily doesn’t have to mean giving up your favourite foods.

NHS Guidelines


One in three of us suffers from poor sleep, with stress and computers often blames.

But lack of sleep can contribute to problems such as depression, and a solid nights sleep is important for being healthy.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, have a look at the NHS website for some tips and ideas.

NHS Guidelines

Page last reviewed: 8 September, 2021