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Wiltshire Learning Disabilities

We are a specialist learning disability mental health service. We have a Consultant Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologists and Learning Disability nurses. We support young people with learning disabilities to maintain good mental and physical health.

What we do

We offer assessment to children and young people who have:

  • an identified emotional, mental health or behavioural difficulty
  • a diagnosed learning disability or significant impairment of intellectual and social adaptive functioning
  • had an assessment which indicates that other services involved with the child are not able to meet the current need if there are not the skills or competence available

Further support

Children with learning disabilities often present mental health differently from other children. So we also look at:

  • Challenging behaviours of sufficient severity to destabilise placements, including physical and verbal aggression and self-injurious behaviours
  • Severe disturbance in eating, self-care, toileting, relationships
  • Capacity of families and schools to contain and manage these behaviour

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