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Getting involved

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Getting involved

Young people like you are key to designing and delivering our services. Find out how you can get involved below.

Participation means “getting involved” and the overall aim of participation is to enhance the experience of patients.

Participation helps to create a listening and collaborative environment where your views matter!  It can also make people more aware of what services are available for them, make services more user-friendly, and help to reduce stigma.

Our participation includes involvement in the planning, development and evaluation of services through a range of methods.

ANY young person under 25 years with an interest in participation can be involved in the Article 12 Council.  It is not limited to service users or previous service users.

ANY parent or carer who has been involved with Children & Young People’s Directorate can join the Parent & Carer Groups.

Some major things have happened as a direct result of service user participation:

  • The makeover of  Boundary Brook House in Oxford was designed by members of The Article 12 Council
  • The new Highfield Unit in Oxford was designed in collaboration with The Article 12 Council and young people on the unit
  • The national pilot for Children and Young People, Improving Access to Psychological Services (CYP IAPT) is being shaped by young people from across our collaboration – this currently includes interviewing staff, presenting at conferences, training staff and making a film
  • Parent & carer questionnaires have been introduced in the CAMHS alongside young people’s versions to get their views too!

These are some of the film projects that have been shaped by participation:

We are also currently involved in creating art work, doing press releases, updating information given to patients, recruiting staff, redesigning clinical areas, and making a film to raise awareness of issues that affect young people.

We use iWantGreatCare, a health reviews website, to collect feedback on what patients think, monitor it and action where possible. I Want Great Care encourages patients to leave meaningful feedback on their care, say thank you and help the next patient by improving experiences and is available for the majority of services across the Trust

It’s a service that is independent, secure and trusted by patients, doctors and hospitals: your feedback is totally confidential, and collected and processed by iWantGreatCare, an independent organisation. You can also provide feedback on paper forms, using the app during your care, or by using the website.

Website feedback and updates

We have already made several amendments following feedback, as follows:

 You said: We did:
“The telephone number for Oxfordshire ‘Infant Parent Perinatal Service’ needs to be updated” (24/07/15) Added new phone number to service page (20/08/15)

“I’m looking for contact details, postal address, and phone number” (19/06/15)

“Telephone numbers for each service, for referrers, would be great” (16/12/14)

Ensured every service lists contact details as appropriate (19/06/15)
“Your site makes it look like Safeguarding and Research are part of Tuberculosis, which they are not!” (10/06/15)Revised the layout within the constraints of the web editing software, so that cross-cutting services are listed with a “+” symbol rather than a “-“, so it looks less like a sub-section (30/06/15)

“Remove the distracting background” (13/02/15)

“Please put a click on the sun to make it disappear” (25/02/15)

Asked Trust web editor to amend background, so that the sun now no longer moves (15/03/15)

You can choose to be involved by:

  • Joining a participation group – like Article 12 for young people
  • Coming to our group meetings
  • Joining a project – like film-making or information development
  • Giving feedback by email, text or phone
  • Sharing your patient experience
  • Filling out our service  questionnaires
  • Or by just receiving our Newsletter

Watch this video of a young person’s experience of involvement…

If you would like to be involved or receive more information about participation opportunities & patient experience please contact:

Gill Welsh, CAMHS Participation Lead

Last updated: 30 August, 2018

Coronavirus (COVID-19): We are not allowing visitors to any of our hospital or inpatient sites in order to protect our patients and staff who care for them from the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). This is with effect from Monday 23 March 2020 until further notice.