Joining us

Your line manager will contact you to agree your start date, what time to arrive and where to meet.

In most cases, they will also co-ordinate what happens on your first day – introducing you to your team, helping you to find your way around the base and ensuring that you have all of the information you require.


All new employees take part in the induction programme. It forms part of your mandatory training and introduces you to the trust, how we work, and provides you with essential employment related information.

New staff will have a departmental induction referred to as local induction. This will cover details such as local procedures, facilities, key contacts, risks and risk management.

You will also attend our corporate induction as an introduction to the Trust and our vision and values. This reflects our commitment to excellent care being delivered by excellent people as it ensures that all staff are competent in relation to their statutory and mandatory competence requirements.


All new staff are subject to a 6 month probationary period. This, together with the induction process, aims to create a positive supportive working environment allowing new employees to learn key elements of their role over a reasonable timescale.

Getting paid

As an Oxford Health employee, your salary will be paid monthly. Our payday is normally on the 27th of each month; if this falls on a weekend or bank holiday, you will be paid on the last working day before.

On your first month with the Trust, depending on your start date, you may be paid on the supplementary pay day. This is usually one week later than the main pay day. After this, you will be paid on the normal pay day each month.

Annual Leave

The annual leave year runs from the 1st April to the 31st March. Annual leave entitlement varies according to how long you have worked in the NHS:

This entitlement is based on full time hours and will be pro rata for employees working less than full time.

During the first year of employment with the Trust your annual leave will be calculated on a pro-rata basis, based on the number of complete weeks from joining until the end of the leave year.

Page last reviewed: 8 July, 2022