Candidate process

Following a verbal job offer you will quickly be issued with a conditional offer. This will come to you via email to your Trac Jobs account.

Non-urgent advice: Conditional offer

The conditional offer is subject to satisfactory pre-employment checks.

The letter will explain what checks we are required to complete before we can agree a start date with you and ask you to give notice to your current employer.

There are six types of pre-employment checks that may be required, depending on the role you have been offered.

1. Employment history and references

Employment history and references deemed satisfactory by the Trust that cover the last three years of work and/or study history.

2. Verification of identity

This is required to prove your identity and the address that you reside at.

3. Proof of eligibility to work within the UK

Proof of eligibility to work within the UK, this is required by the Home Office for all employees of the Trust.

4. Professional registration and qualifications

Professional registration and qualifications – some positions in the Trust require you to hold a professional registration.

5. Work health assessments

The Occupational Health department will carry out an assessment of your fitness to undertake the position you have been offered and you will be asked to complete a work health assessment form online.

6. Disclosure and Barring Service

Dependent on the role you have been offered the Trust may require you to have a DBS check. This is usually if your position involves working or having close contact with vulnerable people.

These pre-employment checks are in line with NHS Employment Check Standards. All NHS providers are required to comply with these standards.

Any delay in completing and returning the documents will impact upon the start date.

Starting with us

The recruiting manager will confirm the start date with you once we have received all of the required pre-employment checks and they have been deemed as satisfactory by the Trust.

Page last reviewed: 8 July, 2022