Learning opportunities

We are committed to helping our flexible workers to develop their skills, experience and knowledge. We will support you to undertake additional training to expand the number of areas that you are able to work within.

Supporting you

You might already have some experience of working in Adult Inpatient settings but would like to do some work in Children and Young People’s Inpatient Services; we can support you with this.

You might have experience as a healthcare assistant in general health services but would like to expand your skills to mental health services as well; we can advise you on the training you need to complete.

You might have no experience of working in the NHS at all but are looking for a new direction or a first job; we can help you get started.

Accessing opportunities

There are no fees for attending training courses and we will pay you for the time spent training.

During your first three months as a flexible worker, you will complete essential training to ensure you and our patients are safe (in some roles, some of this training will need to be completed before you can start work.)

Page last reviewed: 30 September, 2022