What our workers say

This is what some of our workers say about flexible working…

“Being a flexible worker has worked so well for me and my family, because of the flexibility around my childcare and family arrangements. I also very much enjoy the option to be able to choose where I want to work and when. Flexible working has helped me to stay in work while looking after my children. I have always been treated like regular staff member. Being able to choose weekly or monthly pay has also been beneficial. Booking myself onto shifts has made it much easier; being able to choose where I work and not having to call the ward first and it’s clear when shifts are still available.”

Lily – Flexible Worker – Forensic Unit

“I chose to become a flexible worker so that I could continue to work around my studying. With the new system I am able to pick the shifts I would like to work and balance this with my workload which is a real benefit. I am able to pick when I can work which means that I am not worrying about being committed to a certain number of hours per month. I can also work on other wards varying my experience and enhancing my CV. I really like the system of booking shifts online; it’s quick and easy to use. I can book onto the shifts directly, meaning that I know there and then that I have the shift.”

Steph – Nursing Assistant and flexible worker – Children and Young Peoples Inpatient Units

Page last reviewed: 8 July, 2022