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Staffing Solutions

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Please do get in touch if you want to discuss any aspect of flexible working or Staffing Solutions with a member of our team.

Staffing Solutions
14 Morrell Crescent
Littlemore Mental Health Centre
Sandford Road

Could be right for you?

School leavers and students​
If you are a school leaver or student and want to gain some experience of working in the NHS, flexible working could be for you.
Returning to work
If you are looking to return to work after a career break or want the flexibility to choose your hours to fit around your family commitments, flexible working can offer you what you’re looking for.
Gaining experience
If you are already working in a permanent role, but want to gain some different experience and additional pay, flexible working could be the way forward.
Seeking a permanent post
Flexible working can also often be a good first step to a more permanent position with Oxford Health, providing the opportunity to try different roles.
Work additional shifts
You can still keep your flexible worker position even as a permanent staff member, so you still have the opportunity to work in different teams and get paid for additional shifts.
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