Understanding medication

You may be caring for someone who is prescribed medication to help with their illness. There is a lot of evidence that shows taking medicines for mental health illnesses can help reduce the time that someone is unwell.

People will only be prescribed medication if their care team believe it is the right option for them. Like all medicines, some of the drugs can have side effects and these will be discussed fully with the patient.

The patient will be monitored very closely by their team when they are prescribed any new drug to ensure they are responding to it well.

If patients have any queries about any aspect of their medication, they can ask their keyworker. The keyworker/care team will have detailed knowledge about the medications that we use but they also have access to specialist mental health pharmacists, so can liaise with them on the patient’s behalf if there is something that needs a more specialist response.

You can also speak with our health professionals if you have any questions.

Patient Information Leaflets (PILS) are available on the Choice and Medication website and give information about taking or using specific medications.

Website:        www.choiceandmedication.org/oxfordhealth

Page last reviewed: 28 June, 2024