Children and Young People

Self-referrals for 16-17 year olds

The lowdown on Self-ReferralNews

The self-referral telephone number is 01865 902515 (please note this is a new number!) and it is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

What’s happening now?

In the past the only way to get help from CAMHS was if a professional who knows you asked if you could be seen for an appointment. This adult might be a GP, school nurse or a social worker. We call this making a referral.

However we are now changing things so you can ask to be seen directly without going via your GP or someone else.

We hope this will make it easier for you to get help when you need it.

How will it work?

We will be working within the guidelines set by the Department of Health. This means that if you are 16 or 17 and we believe you understand what you are doing by asking for help then we can take instructions directly from you. In that situation we do not need permission from your parents/carers before agreeing to help you.

At the same time we find it is often helpful to involve families in decisions about your care so we would usually encourage you to include them, but we would respect your views on this.

If we are concerned that there is a risk to you or someone else then in those circumstances we may also need to break confidentiality and talk to them. But we would hope to explain this to you.

The way you will be able to contact us is by telephone. We know that not everyone likes using the telephone but we will do our best to make it as easy as possible.

When you call we will explain how confidentiality works at CAMHS right from the outset. This means we will let you know what we can keep private and what we will need to share with other people.

The person answering the phone is a trained mental health worker in PCAMHS. They will ask you a number of questions so they can find out more about you and why you are looking for help. They will write down your answers on a form which will be used later when deciding what sort of help is right for you.

They will also want to know if there is any risk to you so that they can work out how urgent it is that you get help.  For example, if you were feeling very low and had been thinking about harming yourself it’s important we know.  It may well be that these questions don’t apply to you. Don’t worry about that – it is something we have to ask everyone.

We believe it is very important to involve you in decisions about your care and treatment so we will ask you what you want and expect from us.

Once this information has been taken we will pass the referral form with your details to your local CAMHS team. They will think about the most helpful support for you, and ring you within a week to discuss this with you and agree next steps.

Please see our self-referral poster for Oxfordshire.

Last updated: 11 August, 2017