Children and Young People

Referral: How to get help

There are lots of ways to let Community CAMHS know that you need help and these are called referrals.

Your GP, School Health Nurse or teacher could refer you if you talk to them.

Any other professional who works with you like a social worker, counsellor or youth worker could fill in a referral form with you too.

If you are 16 or 17 years old  and you have already been in touch with CAMHS, you can now also refer yourself directly, without going via their GP or someone else.

Self Referral

In Wiltshire, Bath & North East Somerset, you can ‘self-refer’ to the service using our online referrals form which can be found here.  Please note that this service is currently not available in Swindon. The online referrals system is ONLY TO BE USED FOR ROUTINE REFERRALS. If you need help urgently, please click on the “It’s a crisis” button on the left of the screen.

What happens next?

If we think we could help you, we will review how quickly you need to be seen, either standard, emergency or urgent.

  • Standard referrals are the way most children and young people get help from us.  If your referral is made by a professional we will ask them to fill in some information about you on one of our referral forms.  This asks for some personal information about why you need support now.  It would be really helpful if you could fill this so we know what you are hoping for.
  • Urgent referrals are seen within 7 days. This is if you need to be seen very quickly but not as an emergency.
  • Emergency referrals are in case you are an immediate danger to yourself or others, we would treat this as an emergency. We will see you within 24 hours of receiving your referral.  This could be if you are in A&E or the GP surgery. Your referrer will call us straight away. The contact details for referrers are on the information for referrers page. We can be contacted either between 9am-5pm or through the out of hours service at other times.

We may feel that we are not the right source of help for you and will try to suggest other places that could be useful.

Last updated: 16 October, 2017